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uguubear - just a bear

Hi my name is Allison but my online handles are suki & uguubear ! This is my personal art tumblr, all artwork is mine unless otherwise stated. :)

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(entrance picture isn’t mine, I was actually too excited to take pictures…)

Just got back from touring Riot Games HQ with Ryan “Morello” Scott! I can’t say much since I signed an NDA but let me tell you, it was everything I expected and more. We got to see the main floors and I saw the rooms for Community, Art, Development, Management and IT. There was literally splash art plastered EVERYWHERE which was amazing and made the whole building beautiful. 

I got to see the splash art for Jayce (looks fantastic, by the way) and meet the artist who worked on it. Had the pleasure of meeting Katie De Sousa who was soooo sweet. Saw the line up for the champs being released all the way to November and the concept art board where champ ideas are pitched! Can’t wait for some of those new champs oh god. <3 Also saw a lot of the reworks of splash art and old models. Riot has been keeping busy and definitely won’t disappoint. 

Ryan encouraged me to show off my buttons and everyone was very receptive of them! I wish I had more to give but I gave the Rioters three full sets and told them if they wanted any more to just let me know. :) I got to see some familiar faces and even had people be like “OH YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE BUTTONS!!!” which was absolutely crazy being acknowledged like that. I also ran into someone who was wearing my Woot t-shirt haha!!! 

I really couldn’t have asked for more, it was a wonderful experience seeing the HQ and meeting everyone. I think I might be going back later tonight to check in on some more people since we went during lunch hour and mostly everyone was out eating. 

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